EFIR RVM will deliver spare parts for bulldozers Liebherr PR754 to PP2 Maritza Iztok

Liebherr Construction EFIR RVMEFIR RVM won a tender in Power Plant 2 Maritza Iztok Ltd. regarding a delivery of spare parts for bulldozers Liebherr PR754.

We are already supplying spare parts according to the contract. Some of the spare parts for these Liebherr bulldozers include:

Part name Part number
Idler with brackets 9411186
Roller 5802011
Roller Single Frame 10012792
Roller Double Frame 10012793
Sprocket 9400782
Track Assy 10292107
Shaft 9403757
Bearing 7003526
Gasket 10216513
Circlip 4281025
Steel pad 9788893
Blade 9790894
Blade 9790893
Blade 9798554
Blade 9798555
Bolt 7401325
Nut 7401326
Washer 10042189