Ground engaging tools

We are importers of high quality buckets for all kinds and brands of machines suitable for bulldozers, mini and big excavators, tractors, loaders and others. There is a variety of dimensions and models of buckets that we offer, including general purpose buckets, trapezoidal buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, skeleton buckets and others.

As part of our portfolio we also have blades, rippers, tips and adapters, protection parts, quick couplers and many others. Our products are suitable for original buckets as well as for the aftermarket ones.

In addition, we offer wide range of picks for cold milling machines, flow planers, attachments for trenching and for soil stabilization. The applications for the road planning picks include asphalt concrete and soil stabilization planning/ milling machines. Picks are available with shank sizes from 11 to 25 mm, and the related holders.

We have also a big variety of bucket protection parts that includes, but is not limited to: bucket wear plates, bucket sidecutters, heel shrouds, bucket side protectors, corner protectors, chocky bars, wear buttons, armoured bars and others.

The quick couplers we offer grant a fast and safe replacement of the equipment of all machines from 0.6 to 10 tons. The quick coupler is engineered and manufactured to be used with equipment geared with quick coupler plates and is available in two versions: mechanical and hydraulic.