iso-certificate-efir-rvm-en-color-2016-picEFIR RVM has set up a Quality management system and is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard since 2012. An ingoing quality control of the spare parts and materials has been introduced, and an outgoing quality control of the repaired machines, aggregates and details as well.

For every repair carried out is issued a warranty card and direction for mounting, exploitations and servicing – if needed.

The spare parts we offer are only of the highest quality with full warranty with a different length, varying according to the different kinds of the parts and their manufacturer.

Company EFIR RVM Ltd. is registered in theУдостоверение камара на строителите но.2 EFIR RVM Central Register of Professional Builders to implement works with the following range:

- SECOND GROUP: construction of transport infrastructure.


- FIFTH GROUP: separate types of works according to Construction Works – 2008, sector “Construction” classes 42.11, 43.12, 43.39, 43.99.Удостоверение камара на строителите но.5 EFIR RVM