About us

The “Chain Machines Repair” Company was founded in 1983 as part of the Mining and Electric Power Complex “Maritza Iztok” with its main purpose being repair and servicing of the bulldozer stock with tractive force over 200 h.p.

In 1999 the enterprise was brought out of the “Maritza Iztok” Mines structure as a self-dependent limited liability company with 100% state ownership.

In July 2003, as a result of a privatization deal, EFIR Ltd. Company gained 100% ownership of “Chain Machines Repair” Ltd. and formed EFIR RVM.

As a result of the privatization deal, company EFIR invested in improving and optimization of the existing work processes, modernization of the production facilities and additional professional education of the employees,   some of whom are with over 20 years of experience in the field of repairing of bulldozers, trackdozers, excavators and other kinds of machines of different brands.

Today, EFIR RVM is the only company on the territory of “Maritza Iztok 3” power plant and one of the biggest in Bulgaria, that deals with full repairs of construction and mining equipment. In addition to that, we are importing original spare parts for machines of different kind and brand.